Military Student Transition Consultant

 Due to the unique challenges faced by military families, the Military Student Transition Consultant is available to address your questions and concerns. Your MSTC plays a pivotal role in establishing collaboration among school systems, academic agencies, youth services, community groups, and installation resources.  
The MSTC may support Lackland ISD Schools’ parents, students and their families in the following ways:

  • Observe, participate and engage in activities with children and youth
  • Provide direct interaction with military connected children
  • Model behavioral techniques and provide feedback
  • Suggest courses of age appropriate behavioral interventions to enhance coping and behavioral skills
  • Available for military parents to contact for guidance and support
  • Conduct Professional Development training for staff and parents
  • Link Families to programs and services

MSTCs may assist military connected parents, military connected children, and centers with the following issues:

  • Communication with Lackland ISD
  • Accessing Installation Information and Resources
  • Assistance with enrollment and registration
  • Coordination of resources and support for special education concerns
  • Disseminating information to parents, teachers, students, installation, and community members
  • Supporting College and Career Readiness

 The Military Student Transition Consultant may also work with military children in settings such as after school functions, school athletic/sports events, field trips, and other school sponsored activities.