Mrs. Archibald

Kristy Archibald

Kristy Archibald


Being a military child, I felt very at home when I started

teaching at Lackland in 1995 after graduating from the

University of Texas at San Antonio. I taught second grade

for eight years, and my love of teaching little ones to

read led me to volunteer to teach first grade reading

once the school implemented the Success for All


I left Lackland in 2003 when I married my husband who

was in the Air Force. I moved to Florida (where my son

was born), Hawaii (where my daughter was born),

Mississippi, Idaho, and South Carolina (where I subbed

and taught preschool reading) with countless TDYs and

deployments along the way. I came back to San Antonio

in 2015.

In 2016, I returned to Lackland Elementary to teach

Kindergarten. Lackland is not only a great place to work,

but the school I chose (after touring NUMEROUS others)

for my own children when they were little. The safe

environment, top-notch academics, and the amazing

research-based SFA program make it a school like no other.