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Helen Solis


Hello! My name is Mary Helen Gomez Solis (otherwise known as "Mrs Solis"). This August, I will began my twenty-fourth year teaching Kindergarten at Lackland Elementary! Wow! How did that happen? I must be having so much fun, that the time is just flying!

Welcome to my home away from home, my second family, Lackland Elementary! We are very fortunate to be the only elementary in the district, so we are a very tight-knit group, which is very nice, rather than being a huge district!

Let me start off by telling you all about myself. I have somewhat of a military background myself. I am very proud of my father, who is retired Air Force and who served two tours in Vietnam! Whenever I see and hear those C-5s fly over Lackland, they remind me of dear old dad, who used to be an aircraft mechanic. I am also very proud of my mother for serving her 22 years as a military wife. (She made me add that.) I also had the experience of serving as a military wife, stationed at Brooks AFB, for eight years (while I attended college here in San Antonio).

I am very proud of being a "military brat", myself. I was born here at Wilford Hall! For me, it is, "Go, Air Force", all the way! As a little child, we were stationed at Kelly AFB, TX, and KI Sawyer, Michigan . When we were stationed at Randolph AFB, TX , I attended Kinder and First grades at Converse Elementary. Second and Third grades were completed at Altus AFB, OK. I spent most of my childhood growing up in good, old and freezing cold, Grand Forks AFB, ND! (Fourth through Ninth grades). We then transferred to Germany, where I completed Ninth through Twelfth Grades at DODDS, Zweibrucken American High School (Class of 1986). Go, Trojans! My father retired here in San Antonio, TX, from the Air Force in 1985. In 1987, I began attending the brand new Palo Alto College (first class to attend) , where I earned an Associate of Arts, 1989. I attended UTSA from 1989-1991 and earned my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education. I completed some observation hours as an education student here at Lackland Elementary. I completed my student teaching at Park Village Elementary, Judson ISD (2nd and Kinder) in Spring 1991. In August 1991, I began teaching Kindergarten here at Lackland Elementary and have been here ever since.

Mr. Solis and I are the proud parents of two VERY SPECIAL boys! Our first son, Emilio III is fifteen years-old, and has ADD/HD and Asperger Syndrome. My second son, David III, is nine years-old and has Down Syndrome. Emilio and David can be quite challenging, but also bring us very much joy. My many years of teaching experiences, and Mr. Solis' many years working with special needs children have helped to prepare us for working with Emilio and David. In addition, our experiences with Emilio and David also help us with working with childrens' different needs, and with being more sympathetic and empathetic to children and families of children with special needs. We do feel Emilio and David are both very special blessings that were sent to us for special reasons. (Mr. Solis is a Special Education Redirection Monitor at Churchill High School).

Here at Lackland, we are very fortunate to have the resources to have the best programs: Success for All Reading/Kinder Corner; Success for All/Getting Along (social skills); Capturing Kids Hearts and Math Their Way. As a district, we are also continually updating our Math, Science and Technology curriculums/materials--always nothing but the best for your children!

I am very proud and blessed to be a teacher here at Lackland Elementary! I look forward to doing my absolute best to: 1. Teach your child everything they need to learn in Kinder to prepare them for first grade; 2. Teach/model and assist with social/getting along skills, and 3. Develop a love for reading and all learning!

Thank you! Mrs. Mary Helen Gomez Solis:)