Mrs. Solis

Helen Solis

Helen Solis


Welcome to Kinder at Lackland Elementary! My name is Mary Helen Gomez

Solis (Mrs. Solis). I began my teaching career at Lackland Elementary in

1991, teaching Kindergarten, where I loved it so much, I have remained ever

since! My family is from San Antonio, but I am proud to say, I was a military

child my entire childhood. In fact, I was born right here at Lackland at at

Wilford Hall! Growing up, we were stationed at many bases, but were

stationed at Grand Forks AFB ND the longest. In 1986, I graduated from

Zweibrucken American High School at Zweibrucken AB Germany. In 1989, I

received my Associate of Arts from Palo Alto College. In 1991, I received my

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, from The University of Texas

in San Antonio.

I myself have been blessed with my own to very special sons, Emilio and

David. My oldest, Emilio, has ADD/HD and High Functioning Autism. My

youngest, David, has Down Syndrome and Autism. I hope my through my

experiences, challenges and struggles, as a parent of two special needs

children, helps me to be more patient, understanding, empathetic and full of

techniques for working with my students.

I am proud and feel blessed to have been able to teach at Lackland

Elementary and to be a part of the Lackland ISD Family for so many years. I

honestly know we are one of the best, most caring and hard-working schools

in the world!

I am honored to be able to be your child’s Kinder teacher and to do my

absolute best to prepare them for First Grade and beyond! I hope to teach

them kindness, honesty and to follow their dreams, where anything is

possible, and to instill in them my love for learning, especially reading.

Thank you! Sincerely,

Mrs. Mary Helen G. Solis