Mrs. Moulder

JoAnne Moulder

JoAnne Moulder

1st Grade

My name is Mrs. Jo Anne Moulder. I have been teaching at Lackland Elementary

since 2006. Teaching has always been my passion!

I was born in California, raised in Michigan, and later joined the military. I was

first stationed at Wurtsmith AFB (Oscoda, Michigan) in 1985. Here I met and

later married my husband in August of 1990. Next, we were stationed at RAF

Alconbury, where I decided to get out of the military to take care of our children.

We then took our three incredible children to Maxwell AFB (Montgomery,

Alabama) and finally Lackland AFB. My husband and I have made Natalia, Texas

our home. Our children have moved on. Our two sons are now in the United States

Air Force and our daughter resides in Houston, Texas and is currently in sales.

I come from a military family, my dad and Uncles, sister, and brother-in-law were

in the United States Air Force, my grandfather was in the United States Army, at

the Battle of the Bulge. My husband retired from the United States Air Force

after 23½ years in 2008. And now my sons are in the United States Air Force. The

military has treated us well! I am proud to be part of United States military!

With the support and encouragement of my mom, dad, husband and children I went

to college and I received An Associate in Arts degree from St. Phillips College and

a Bachelor of Arts degree at St. Mary’s University, December 2005.

I am a firm believer that if we all work together and put in the effort,

parents/guardians, your child will be the best he/she can be!!! That is my promise

to you!!!

If you would like to contact me my information is below.