Celebrating Mrs. Stacey's 90th Birthday

Celebrating Mrs. Stacey's 90th Birthday
Posted on 04/18/2017
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Celebrating Mrs. Stacey’s 90th Birthday!
by: Bella Bach, Junior

Virginia Allred Stacey's 90th birthday was celebrated on Monday, April 17th. (Her actual birthday was Saturday, April 15th). After years of being a superintendent, principal, teacher, and an incredible leader, our school was named after the stunning woman she was. On Monday, all the students and teachers gathered around the cafeteria windows in order to collect their "birthday apple" that contained their name and birthday on them. After taking their apple, they were invited to celebrate their birthday on the day of Mrs. Stacey's birthday, receiving a free paleta from High School Student Council.
On August 8, 1997, Lackland High School was renamed Virginia Allred Stacey Jr/Sr High in recognition of her enormous contribution to the district. Unfortunately, Mrs. Stacey did not live long enough to see the newest generations of students enrolled in our school today and how deeply she's impacted us as well as future generations to come. A sincere thank you to Virginia Allred Stacey, for having been an inspirational woman who made a large impression on many people.