Mr. C


Hello My Name Is...

David Cardenas

‚ÄčI am better known to your child as Mr. C. I am San Antonio raised and graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in the fall of 1999 and soon got hired for the 2000-2001 school year. Fast forward to the fall of 2015 and I am now on my 16th year of teaching and am proud to have them all be at Lackland Elementary. Through my time i have worked with many great teachers and taught so many very great students. I have had students pass through for a few days and have also had the pleasure of watching some grow from their kinder years and then be able to attend their graduation from Stacey High School. I enjoy the smiles and excitement they get from coming to PE and enjoy building relationships with the kiddos.

The goal of the class is to get the kids moving and physically active. We do this though various activities that cover all areas of movement like walking, running, jumping, hopping and using various manipulatives such as as basketballs, playground balls, hula hoops, and jump ropes to name a few. Kids are usually pretty excited about PE and they should be.

But i don't do it alone as i have two terrific aides that allow our class to be as great as it is. 

Mrs. Michelle Flores is on her second year with me in PE and she comes with over 12 years of serving military children. Experience she earned from the Lackland Youth Center. She comes with a great attitude and has many hats she wears for us...literally. You can always find her in the holiday spirit with one of the many festive hats she provides for the PE Crew. Lackland PE is lucky to have her.

Mrs. Becky Hall is also on her second year with me in PE. She began as a sub for the school and quickly displayed an eagerness to do what is needed for the children that she was hired as a full-time aide. Along with being great co worker and friend, she also is a Airforce Mom. This allows us to get a unique insight on what some of our students may go through as a military child.

As a team we look forward to working and creating great memories of fun for your child!! 


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